Terms and Conditions

1) Euspert, spol. s r. o. is the operator of the website euspert.com (hereinafter referred to as "Website" or "Operator") and the provider of services on the Website.

2) The operator issues the following Euspert, spol. s r.o. General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as "GTC") which govern the rights and obligations of the Operator and third parties in the provision and use of services of the Operator. The GTC is an integral part of the contract with the Operator and all the service users are bound to follow it.

3) The website is an information space about labor market, human resources, enterprise, international mobility. It is run by journalists and specialists in the labor market at an international level. The business activity of the Operator is not a recruitment for reimbursement under Act. 5/2004 Coll. on employment services and on the amendment of certain acts as amended.

4) The following definitions for the purposes of GTC and for the creation, amendment and termination of the legal relationship between the Operator and the Company (or the Recruiter) or the Job Seeker are interpreted as follows:

  • Company (or Recruiter): A natural person (rarely) or usually a legal entity that uses or intends to use the services provided on the Website, in particular, to find a suitable employee.

  • User (can also be a jobseeker): A natural person who uses the services provided on the Website in order to use the website, read the articles and comment on them, search for a suitable job in the lists, have a profile in the platform.

  • Profile CV: A summary of a users data.

  • Services: Products that the Operator provides to the Company (or the Recruiter)s and to the Users especially through the Website.

  • Price List: A list containing the prices of Services that the Operator provides to its Company (or the Recruiter)s.

  • Job offer: The advertisement posted by the Company (or the Recruiter) on the Website in order to find a suitable employee, and to represent a particular type of Service provided on the Website.

In order to post a short-time temporary job, the regulations, Terms and Conditions stating the conditions of posting a Job need to be valid, unless the parties have explicitly agreed to other terms.

5) Cookies http://uk.euspert.com/content/cookies.html

6) Many services of the portal are provided to users without giving any registration data (among the most important are reading and discussing the contents of the blog magazine and using the search engine for job offers). When the transmission of data is necessary for the requested service, as well as for all that is required by legal obligations, it is obvious that the refusal to provide data in whole or in part may prevent Euspert to comply with requests and to perform the services required.

7) A User and a Company (or Recruiter) may cancel its registration at any time by sending an e-mail to data-protection@euspert.com (subject: delete) or (preferable, because with immediate effect) by the internal system. - The Operator reserves the right to delete an account or stored files that are not updated or active for more than 12 months. Our services are not for those under 18 years of age. If your child has provided us with personal information, please contact us at data-protection@euspert.com . We will take action to remove the data and delete the child's account.

8) The Services provided to Job Seekers on the Website include in particular the option to:

- Reply or respond to posted Job Offer. A Job Seeker is entitled to respond to a Job Offer posted on the Website; this Service is also available to Job Seekers not registered on the Website. Some jobs are only indexed on the site and refer to the original source (Euspert has no responsibility on the websites which offers recall and their mode of application), other are inserted directly by the company. In any case, anonymous jobs being prohibited, each job always shows the name of the Company (or Recruiter) and the User can contact the company directly to apply.

- Create a job search agent on the Website for the job offers posted on the Website based on search criteria specified by Job Seeker and have suitable job offers to his e-mail address.

- Participate in discussions on the blog magazine operated on the Website of the Operator.

- Archive the sent replies (responses) to Job Offers posted on the Website.

9) Euspert doesn't provide services like a Database of CV's for companies and doesn't share user's data with third-party or Companies (or the Recruiter). Profile CV will be available only to companies that are granted directly by the user.

Euspert is not a job agency or an intermediary, but simply provides space to companies and job seekers to meet in autonomy. Euspert can never control all the offers listed and doesn't take responsibility for the content of the job posts.

We do our best to check the credibility of the companies that advertise on Euspert however sometimes doing the best is no enough. We ask you to pay attention and never trust the companies that ask you money, because Euspert's terms dont allow it. As per Euspert's terms, none can ask money from job seekers and the companies offering them various positions. If you come in contact with such a company please let us know immediately!

Euspert doesn't take responsibility for the content of the job posts, application process, job interview, etc.

10) It is mandatory that the user's data entered during registration, must contain truthful information exonerating Euspert from the responsibility of entering false and illegal information or covered by copyright.

11) Euspert (while adopting the maximum safety measures) does not guarantee that the portal is free of errors or that the portal and / or servers may not be damaged from esternal attack or other technical defects of whatever nature and all users and Companies (or Recruiters) take note that Euspert in no way can be held liable for any damages whatsoever, whether in contract, tort, resulting from access to or use of services offered on the portal and / or interruption of the operation of the portal.

12) Euspert may at any time remove or suspend an account (Recruiter or User) from its database (in any case, the removal is always due to valid reasons)

13) Posting the Job Offer After a successful registration, the Company (or the Recruiter) is entitled to post a Job Offer on the Website. The Job Offer is published according to the following rules:

- The Company (or the Recruiter) itself posts a Job Offer and determines its content, while a Job Offer must contain at least the minimum criteria specified by the Operator.

- The Operator reserves the right to modify the Job Offer so that it is in accordance with the custom and practice regarding filling in the forms on the Website. The Operator reserves the right to modify the Job Offer to correct any errors or inaccuracies.

- It is absolutely forbidden to ask money (fee or any other payment) from job seekers

- It is absolutely forbidden to offer different position of what is posted in the job post

- It is mandatory to enter all the data required by current legislation (authorizations necessary, references to the privacy policy, equal opportunities disclaimer, etc ...). The Recruiter is responsible for the veracity and the inclusion of such information. In general, the offer must always respect each criterion of the law and the recruiter (and never the Operator) is responsible for it.

- It is forbidden to post jobs anonymous or which do not contain the exact company name or the Recruiter name and data.

14) The Operator reserves the right not to post or delete a posted Job Offer:

  • which is contrary to the laws, to ethical standards or decency,

  • in which the Company (or the Recruiter) conditions the job matching and/or recruitment or similar employment with a handling fee or other payment,

  • presenting multiple job offers within a single form for the job (i.e. within one Job Offer),

  • which is incomplete or misleading or contains false information or  reduces the quality of Services provided on the Website for other reasons,

  • with advertising or marketing content or with information about the products or Services of the Company (or the Recruiter) or of a third person,

  • which may damage the reputation of the Operator or of a third party,

  • If the job is of an erotic nature or rises suspicion about it being this type of work,

  • If the same job was posted earlier on the Web site by one Company (or the Recruiter),

  • which includes a job opportunity through MLM (multilevel marketing) or doorstep sales.

15) User's Profile CV - Euspert doesn't provide services like a Database CV's for companies. Companies (or Recruiters) can only have access to the data of Job Seekers sent by application directly to them. The Company (or the Recruiter) is entitled to use the data of Job Seekers obtained from the Operator's CV Database only to find suitable employees.

16) To use any of the Services the Company (or the Recruiter), it is required to register on the Website. Registration is done by completing the registration form. When the registration has been completed successfully, the Company (or the Recruiter) shall create its own on-line account that is protected by a unique password. The Company (or the Recruiter) is obliged to protect the password from misuse or not to disclose them to third parties.

17) any commercial terms between Euspert and Recruiter will be established during the order

18) Usually Companies and Recruiters can post jobs for free, subject to compliance with the GTC and an account approved by Euspert, which will in its sole discretion the opportunity to publish vacancies. If they wish more visibility (highlight jobs, automatic update, etc..) can buy the products. Price of a Service is determined according to the valid Price List published on the Website on the day of ordering the Service.

19) An invoice (tax document) is usually issued by the Operator after providing the Services to the Company (or the Recruiter). An invoice is normally issued for the entire period for which the Company (or the Recruiter) has ordered the use of the Services. In justified cases, the Operator is entitled to provide the ordered Service after the payment of the Price of ordered Service; the Operator shall inform the Company (or the Recruiter) of this fact beforehand.

20) The Company (or the Recruiter) shall pay the Operator the Price of the ordered Service, duly and on time, by a wire transfer to its bank account specified on the invoice.

21) The Operator is not responsible for the content of the Service provided (posted) on the Website, also is not responsible for its graphical representation (e.g. logo, photograph or other result of intellectual creative activity) and for its grammatical accuracy. The Company (or the Recruiter) is solely responsible for the violation of any rights of third parties by providing the Service on the Website. The Operator is not responsible for any damage caused by providing the Service on the Website.

22) The Company (or the Recruiter) is obliged to protect the data obtained from a Response

23) The Company (or the Recruiter) agrees that if any claims, due to the infringement of any rights of third parties referred to in this paragraph, are made against the Operator, the Company (or the Recruiter) undertakes to satisfy those claims and to fully indemnify the Operator.

24) The Operator shall not be liable to the Company (or the Recruiter) for finding a suitable candidate to fill a job and for him/her staying in work or other such contract.

25) The Operator does not give any guarantee to Job Seekers to find a suitable job opportunity

26) The Operator is not responsible for any damage that may be caused to users or third parties by using the Website, including loss of profits or loss of data.

If the contract is terminated without using the Services ordered by the Company (or the Recruiter), the Company (or the Recruiter) is not entitled to recover the agreed price. The Operator is not responsible for the incomplete use of Services .

27) Website's owner: Euspert sro, with registered office at Pod Hajom 1358/137, 018 41 Dubnica Nad Vahom, Slovak Republic, European Union, info@euspert.com - Trencin register companies number 25369 / R - ICO: 46429336 - VAT: SK2023373429

28) The Operator is not responsible for any misuse of an email and password by unauthorized persons nor for any consequential damages and any claims of third parties caused by such abuse.

29) The Company (or the Recruiter) may lodge the claim in writing (by sending a letter to the address of the Operator's registered office or e-mail to: info@euspert.com), while the claim must be received by the Operator.

30) The Operator reserves the right to amend and supplement the GTC while informing the Company (or the Recruiter) and Users immediately by publishing the changes on the Website or also giving notice by e-mail in case of substantial changes.

31) All relations that are not stipulated in the Contract and/or GTC are governed by the laws of the Slovak Republic. Euspert s.r.o. ensure respect both in a strict national regulations of reference that the European Union regulations.

As for the issues that may rise or actions arising from the provision of services and content of Euspert and the interpretation, application, compliance or violation of the established here, Euspert sro, companies, recruiter, jobseekers and users, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction and submit to the jurisdiction competent for the registered office of Euspert s.r.o. The Slovak version of this GTC (here: http://news.euspert.com/sk/vseobecne-obchodne-podmienky/) is binding and other translations are for convenience only. It clarifies that Euspert s.r.o. it is not established nor has branch offices, subsidiaries or branches outside of the Slovak Republic

32) Divergent provisions in the Contract shall prevail over the GTC. The scope of GTC or parts thereof may be excluded only with the written agreement of the Contractual Parties to the Contract.